Constantly Varied - High Intensity - Functional Movement                                   



HIIT Bootcamp Small Team Training






























































HIIT Bootcamp

Constantly Varied - High Intensity - Functional Movement

This class will prepare you for any race: Spartan, Tough Mudder, Mud Man X, Iron Man, Marathon. 

Monday & Wednesday 6:30 pm


I am 55 years old and have pretty bad arthritis in my knee with no acl in that same knee. I have limited flexibility in my hips, hamstrings and shoulders. So it would be hard to say that the class looks to participate. 
The simple truth, the use of different weight kettle bells and exercises that use you own body weight are adaptable for all people with different shapes, sizes and levels of fitness. 
You stay in a 10 by 10 surface but you probably get more cardio in the workout than you would 30 minutes straight on a cardio machine. 
In my experience in the past 4 years , strength training is the only way to maintain and increase your fitness. For me lifting dead weights does not give you a total body workout or cardio or increase flexibility. Plus I have gotten injured with weights that one at my age can afford to do. 
This class is a total body workout. It puts spurts of intensity, with appropriate weight levels, and strengthening and lengthening your muscle , all in most exercises. One can go at your level of fitness. That was a hard concept - getting through the class is important, and you strive to do the exercises at the highest intensity and reps you can. But ultimately you learn to do it at YOUR maximum effort while being pushed by the others you are surrounded in the class. 
We are lucky on Mon/Wed. that the people participating are all different levels but work hard together to get the maximum result. 
The class has help in maintain my weight (at my age and lifestyle) is important. It has increased my strength and flexibility.  My fitness level is surpassing my friends who are not training as hard as they are able. Not that is the reason for taking the class, but it gives you the feedback you need to continue working out. 
It is effective in gaining cardio fitness, increased strength, work on improving trouble areas, gaining flexibility, and most importantly build up your core that enables your body to function at its peak level of exercise. Also for me it helps me to keep my diet in check. 
Don Griego
Fresh and Fun... Dynamic and Different!
Motivating small group camaraderie.
Anthony is a fantastic fitness leader and coach that helps you excel at individual pace.
Strong results with increased physical strength and general fitness level.
100% "feel good factor" when completing the class challenges.
Jean Marie Thompson