Constantly Varied - High Intensity - Functional Movement                                   



HIIT Bootcamp Small Team Training






























































Stretches and Mobility training 

Myofascia release for quadriceps

Myofascia release for traps

Form running WU drills

Dynamic Stretch routine

Band glute stretch

Band hip - glute stretch

Band Hip Single-Leg Squat

Band trap - chest stretch

Cobra - The Pump

Cossack progressions

Halos shoulders and triceps

1 leg reach hip rotation with bridge

Leg kick hip rotation

Downwood dogs - Inch worm


Shoulder dislocates

Shoulder trap mobility with bar

Shoulder stretches TRX

Shoulder mobility Halos - Ribbons

Shoulder mobility power wo

Skin the cat  gymnastics


TRX Side Lunge


Transverse rotational lunges

Windmills - Shoulder stability and hamstring, glute - hip stretch

KB full body mobility complex WO

KB full body WU + TRX Over head squats


Core stability

Bird dog


Exercises full body


Burpee - deadlift

1 arm push-up to 1 arm luggage dead lift

Inverted burpees


Push-up to KB clean

Push-up to pull-up

Push-up to reciprocal KB snatches

Zercher walks functional training being creative 

Wall ball toss



Ab rollouts

1 leg eggroll

Full contact twist (Standing Russian twist)

Hollow body on floor - progressions

Hollow body on rings

Hollow and Arch

MagsFit plank

Push-up position plank

TRX sit-ups

Spiderman pushups

Towel Halos - great for shoulders also

TRX Pikes - Tucks - Isabella on KB's

TRX pike push-ups

Lateral step up



Air squats

Back squats

Goblet squats

BB Front squats

KB front squats

KB cossacks

Over head squats 

TRX Over head squats

Split squats - 1 arm over head

1 Leg pistol squat - Gena - Mags 88lbs

1 leg balance squat with foot held

Zercher squats



Cross lunge - dragon walks

Step backward 1 arm over head lunge

Step forward lunge

Side lunge

Limbo side lunge

Lunge rotations



KB 1 arm high pulls

KB 2 arm high pulls

KB back rows

DB back high rows on bench

Lat shrugs

Plyo rope climbs


BB cleans

KB bottoms up cleans

KB cleans

2 KB hanging cleans

Medicine ball cleans

Lunge clean and push press

Split jump reciprocal KB cleans


KB Luggage Deadlift

BB Luggage Deadlift

Barbell Deadlifts - grip

ALL Deadlifts

KB sumo deadlift


KB Olympic Snatch

KB power vertical snatch  

Reciprocal KB snatches



KB dead swings

Diagonal swings

KB swings

2 KB swings

1 arm KB swings

KB flip swings

Reverse Swings


Ham-glute raise

Ham-glute plyo push-up


Human Get Up

Turkish Get Up 

Turkish Get up with a leg crossover

Squat Get Up

Squat Get Up with leg crossover

Prone position1 leg reach KB snatch



DB bench press

Hand-stand push-ups

KB Iron Cross

KB Bent press

Landmine press

Push Jerk

Push Press


Shoulder strict push away press

Seesaw shoulder press

Shoulder mobility - power wo

1 arm pushups

KB Sott's press    Alternating KB Sott's press


KB flip clean to shoulder press

Lunge clean and push press


Arch and hollows

Hollow body

Front lever progressions

Free handstands - wall spot

Muscle ups to press handstands

Egg rolls - 1 or 2 legs

Plyo rope climbs



Atomic push-ups

Back rows


Chest press (pushups)

Over head squats

Pikes - Tucks

Pike - push-ups


Tricep extensions




Workouts + CrossFit WODS


Basketball WO

Golf WO

Soccer WO

Wrestling WO